The Course Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS)

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Accessing CIOS and TAOS

Note - instructors do not see survey results until 5 days after grades are due. Also, comments are for your instructors only (school chairs, etc. cannot see them).


Access – Use your GT account to login

CURRENT SURVEY (Summer 2011 and beyond)


        Instructors and TAs:

    HISTORICAL SURVEY (Spring 2011 and earlier)




View the CIOS Core Questions

View the TAOS Core Questions 

Important Dates

Survey Periods for Spring 2013:

For most courses, CIOS and TAOS will open beginning the Monday two weeks before finals and will run through midnight, Sunday after finals. For courses with non-standard schedules, CIOS and TAOS open during the last 1-3 weeks of the course, depending on course duration.

What is CIOS?

The Course-Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS) is a survey now hosted by Digital Measures and managed by the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) that provides feedback for

  • instructors: to help improve teaching and learning in their courses
  • administrators: who use the information for teaching assignments, to support other decisions regarding teaching and learning at GT, and as part of promotion and tenure decisions
  • students: to view ratings of instructors in past terms when making decisions for registration, etc.

Students access CIOS at the end of every term to provide feedback for their current courses and instructors; faculty access CIOS after the end of every term to view feedback provided by their students. This allows faculty to continually improve their classes and meet students’ needs.

The CIOS survey consists of a set of core questions about teaching and learning in the areas of student effort, instructional quality, and course quality.  Up to three additional instructor-selected questions may be added for each course.  CIOS has existed at Georgia Tech since 1987. The original paper-based system was eventually moved online in 1999. It was then shortened in 2011 and used until 2011 when it was redesigned and move to an external vendor. where it has existed in its current form since the year 2000. CELT, established in 1986, supports the faculty of Georgia Tech in their efforts to improve teaching and learning environments on our campus. CIOS is just one of the many ways CETL accomplishes this goal.

For more information about the history of CIOS, please see the CIOS and TAOS History page.

What is TAOS?

The TAOS survey is an instrument designed specifically to collect data related to student perceptions of Teaching Assistants at Georgia Tech. The survey is very comparable to the CIOS, but the CIOS only evaluates course instructors. The TAOS provides feedback to departments and the Institute about Teaching Assistant effectiveness, TAs feedback to improve future performance, and students the opportunity to evaluate their TAs. The survey consists of several core questions about the teaching effectiveness of a TA for each TA-taught course at GT and was first implemented in 2010. 

    For more information about the history of TAOS, please see the CIOS and TAOS History page.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions:


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Questions and Comments

For general inquiries:

CIOS coordinator: Tris Utschig, PhD
Phone: 404-385-2949

Helpdesk, troubleshooting:

Phone: 404-894-4474