Education Partnership Award

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The Education Partnership Award is an annual Georgia Tech award to recognize genuine and substantial partnerships between the faculty and students of Georgia Tech and the K-12 community.

Amount Awarded

$7500  ($2500 to be divided equally among the members of each of the three constituencies)


  • Nomination packets are due by 5p.m. on the first Monday of February.
  • Awards will be announced and presented at the Faculty/Staff Honors Day Luncheon in April.
  • Names and nomination packets of the award winners will be posted on the CETL Faculty Award website in April.
  • Award winners will also be honored at the New Faculty Orientation Dinner in August.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Every partnership must have at least one GT full time faculty member (this includes tenure-track/tenured, research, and general faculty status individuals), at least one full time GT student (this may be an undergraduate or graduate student, and this student may have already graduated at the time of the nomination), and at least one full-time Georgia K-12 teacher.
  • Partnerships must currently exist, work successfully, show evidence of positive impact, and be sustainable.  
  • A given partnership can only win the award once.  (At least one member of the partnership and/or the actual project covered by the partnership must change in order to apply in future years.)
  • A given partnership can only apply for the award two times.

Nomination Process:

  • The nomination packet should be submitted electronically as a MS Word or Adobe PDF file to Joyce Weinsheimer at
  • The nominating packet should include the following items:
    • A cover sheet stating the members of the partnership with the three constituencies clearly indicated. This cover sheet should be signed by all members of the partnership (please sign and scan the sheet to include with the electronic packet, fax the sheet to CETL at 404-894-4475, or deliver it to the CETL office in Tech Tower).
    • A statement (no more than 3 pages) describing the partnership. This statement should indicate how the team and project clearly satisfy the criteria listed above.
    • A one-page statement from each of the three constituencies stating what they have given to and what they have gained from the partnership.
    • Letters of support: (1) K-12 teacher(s) should include a letter from the principal(s) of the school(s) where the teacher(s) is/are employed; (2) faculty member(s) should include a letter from the school chair(s) or unit head(s) where the faculty member(s) works at Tech; (3) student(s) should include a letter from the advisor(s).  For doctoral students, this letter should be from a research advisor; for all other students, the letter should be from the academic advisor.  (The advisor may be one of the faculty members on the team.)
    • Up to 10 pages of supplementary evidence and information.

Selection Criteria:

The judges will look for evidence that the partnership satisfies certain conditions. These conditions include:

  • Mutual benefit for all constituencies
  • Impact of the partnership
  • Contribution to the partnership from all involved parties
  • Sustainability of the partnership

NOTE:  This award will not be given any year that the judges determine there are no worthy winners.


There will be a panel of judges made up of faculty, students, and K-12 teachers; the panel will include at least one prior winner of the Educational Partnership award.


Contact Donna Llewellyn at or 404-894-2340. 

Previous Winners:

Note: Beginning April 2014, the nomination packets of award winners will also be posted below.

Eric A. Gaucher, Associate Professor, Biology
Ryan N. Randall, Research Coordinator, Biology
Janetta Greenwood, Science Teacher, Dunwoody High School

Samuel Graham Jr.,  Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Adam P. Christensen, Doctoral Candidate, Mechanical Engineering
Doug Edwards, Magnet Coordinator and Science Teacher, Westlake High School

Kim Cobb, Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Science
Solona Hollis, Science Teacher, Miller Grove High School
Christy Hodges, Science Teacher, Miller Grove High School
Kathleen Salome, Undergraduate Sudent, Earth and Atmospheric Science

Jeff Davis, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tom Collins, Senior Research Engineer, GTRI)
Jeff Rosen, Technology Teacher, Wheeler High School
Eric Liu, Satya Bhan, Simon Chen, Michael Rivera, and James Holland: Electrical Engineering Students and Officers in the ECE Student Faculty Committee

Joseph LeDoux, Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering
Cindy Jung, Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering