8th Annual Health & Humanitarian Logistics Conference

Atlanta, GA

WHAT: 8th Annual Health & Humanitarian Logistics Conference
WHEN: August 29-31, 2016
WHERE: Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
WHO: Students and faculty, NGOs, government, UN agencies, private sector, foundations

2015 was recorded as the hottest year on record, and September 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the devastating lessons of Hurricane Katrina and the response that followed. After the apparent containment of the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, the world bristles at the potential spread of other viruses and focuses on the ongoing need for improved infrastructure and coordination in health systems around the world.

Each year the Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference (HHL) brings together speakers and attendees from non-government organizations (NGOs), industry, government, military, and academia to identify challenges and opportunities in global health humanitarian operations and long-term economic development. The 8th annual HHL Conference will be held August 29-31 at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center.

Speakers and participants will discuss challenges and successes, share innovative research, and establish priorities for strengthening supply chains to meet humanitarian needs. Topics often focus on operations in global health, food security, emergency response and end-to-end supply chain management, emphasizing priorities and future goals in research, policy, strategy, and investments. Activities such as plenary panels, interactive workshops, poster sessions, and health and humanitarian related site visits encourage discourse and networking among participants.

As we consider the importance of resilient systems and the need for pre-planning and investment in advance of potential emergencies, coordination and collaboration across the public and private sectors and international bodies operating in the health and humanitarian sectors stand out as critical aspects of predicting future success. This type of forum, in which leaders from across international and regional organizations voice common challenges and successes and share best practices, we aim to build key partnerships and host discussions to encourage transparency and investment in the infrastructure and capacity building for a more resilient future and provide protection and growth for the most vulnerable beneficiaries around the world.

The 8th edition of the Health & Humanitarian Logistics (HHL) Conference will return to Georgia Tech after traveling to Hamburg (2012), Kuala Lumpur (2013), Mexico City (2014), and Johannesburg (2015).  The Georgia Tech Center for Health & Humanitarian Systems (CHHS) will host the conference in partnership with co-organizers from INSEAD, MIT, Northeastern University, and the University of Lugano in Switzerland.



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