GT MAP Workshop on Materials

Room 005 or 006, Skiles Building

The workshop will lunch the themetic semester on Material for GT-MAP activities. 

This is a three day workshop: The first two days (Wed, Thurs) focusing on the theme of Material, and third day including broad research topics, open to introducing your research.

There will be light refreshments through out the event.


Confirmed Speakers>>

Plenary Speakers: Prof. John Lowengrub (UCI, Math) and Prof. Zhonglin Wang (GT, MSE)

Invited Speakers from GT on topic of Materials:

  Chemistry and Biochemistry Prof. Angus Wilkinson

  Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Prof. Zhigang Peng

  Physics Prof. Paul Goldbart

  Physics Prof. Markus Kindermann

  Aerospace Engineering Prof. Julian Rimoli

  Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Phanish Suryanarayana

  Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Kimberly Kurtis

  Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. Arash Yavari

  Electrical and Computer Engineering Prof. Farrokh Ayazi  

  Materials Science and Engineering Prof. Hamid Garmestani

  Mechanical Engineering Prof. Surya Kalidindi

Invited Speakers from GT to highlight their research:

  Biology Prof. Annalise Paaby

  Biology Prof. Will Ratcliff

  Earth and Atmospheric Prof. Annalisa Bracco

  Earth and Atmospheric Prof. Athanasios Nenes

  Physics Prof. Harold Kim

  Computational Science and Engineering Prof. Edmond Chow

  Civil and Environmental Engineering  Prof. Francesco Fedele

  Mechanical Engineering Prof. Alper Erturk

  (more to come)




Sung Ha Kang


<p>This work shop will begin the themetic semester on Materials.</p>

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