<title><![CDATA[ISOCARP 2016 International Planning Congress]]></title>

<location><![CDATA[Durban, South Africa]]></location>

International Planning Congress in Durban. Durban is an extraordinary city on the eastern coast of South Africa that is looking forward to welcome the delegates from all over the world and discuss topics around the main theme “The Cities We Have vs Cities We Need”.  There will be six main topics to discuss, regarding theissues: transforming human settlements; active citizenship; envisaging planning theory and practice for the next decades; sustainable planning and policy making for urban settlements in times of extremes; intelligent cities; and rural and rural urban divide. Soon, together with the General Rapporteur – Guy Perry – we will be sending out call for Co-Rapporteurs and call for papers. Please follow http://isocarp.org/52nd-isocarp-congress/ for latest updates. We are looking forward to seeing you in Durban!

The Society organises and participates in numerous events in partnership with other organisations. For information about ISOCARP endorsed events, please visit our website at http://isocarp.org/our-partners/endorsed-events/.  For a comprehensive list of planning events, please visit our International Planning Events database at http://isocarp.org/planning-events/
ISOCARP is also developing an International Planning 



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