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Learning Technology Support and Training

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) works with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to provide support and training for T-Square, Georgia Tech's current learning management system, and the TurningPoint student response system (AKA clickers). Please visit the following web pages for more information about the support and training: 


Clickers (Starting from Spring 2018, the clicker support will be transitioned to the OIT Digital Learning Technology team.  This link will be redirected to their support web page. If not, please visit http://oit.gatech.edu/clickers, or submit a help request to clickers@gatech.edu.)

A variety of learning technologies are available at Georgia Tech to support technology integration  and innovation in teaching and learning. To learning more about these technologies, please visit the web page below:

Learning Technology Resources at Georgia Tech

Learning Technology Services

CTL works with faculty, postdoctoral scholars, TAs, and graduate student instructors to explore how to effectively integrate technologies into teaching and learning. We offer the following programs and services to support teaching with technology:

  • Consultations: We provide consultation on finding the best types and uses of technology to fit your particular teaching need. We also consult with faculty about learning technology aspects of an educational research project or an educational grant.
  • Course design or re-design: We offer assistance with designing and developing a new course, or re-designing an existing course by incorporating technologies to improve learning outcomes in various learning environments.
  • Digital course content development: We work with instructors to develop interactive digital course materials.
  • Technology implementation and evaluation: Whether you are interested in implementing technologies in teaching or a research project, we work with you to experiment with these technologies under the guidance of best practices, and assess their impact on student learning. 
  • Workshops/Seminars: When you hear about some new technology, it is not always clear how it might be used to support student learning. We conduct workshops and seminars to provide you with opportunities to gather with your colleagues, who might or might not have used the technology, to explore how to use it creatively and effectively. 

Learning and Technology Initiatives

Teaching with Technology Partnership(TTP) is a learning and technology initiative that aims to support and promote effective and innovative use of technology to enhance teaching and learning through collaboration between the following two parties:

  • Faculty Fellows: The Teaching with Technology Faculty Fellows will be the sponsors of projects on which they are interested in partnering with CTL to collaborate.
  • Learning Technology Specialists in CTL: CTL will be a creative partner in the projects selected for the TTP program. Selected projects will be assigned a learning technology specialist from CTL, who will be available to meet with the faculty fellows regularly and collaborate on the projects.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of the learning technology services listed above, or if you have any questions about our learning technology initiatives, please feel free to contact us by filling out this short contact form.