person using a laptop computerT-Square is the name selected for Georgia Tech's Sakai installation. Sakai is an open-source solution that allows us to innovate and to program a solution that fits our campus and users. Login at https://t-square.gatech.edu.


Workshops on how to use the features of T-Square (for teaching and learning) are usually offered for faculty and teaching assistants at the beginning of each semester. Go to the learning technology training and workshops page for current offerings. For documentation and a general overview of the elements of T-Square, click on the help link in the T-Square portal or click here.

Technical Support

For assistance, select one of the following options:

  • Submit a service request at http://info.t-square.gatech.edu (the preferred way to reach T-Square support). Go directly to the T-Square Support site by using the link provided or by clicking on the Support menu link on the T-Square homepage. Once you open the T-Square FAQ and Service Requests page, please follow the instructions to answer a few basic questions. You may get immediate suggestions for solving your problem so that you don’t have to wait for an email response. If there is no automated advice for your problem, you will be quickly directed to someone who can help.
  • Email help@t-square.gatech.edu. Include as many details about the issue as possible.  
  • Call Chaohua Ou, Assistant Director of Learning & Technology Initiatives, at 404.385.4812.