Thank A Teacher

What it is

"Thank a Teacher" is a service designed to give Georgia Tech students an easy way to show appreciation to their teachers (faculty, TAs, mentors, and advisers) who have made a difference in their education. It's a simple idea: send a thank you note to someone who has helped you learn. In doing so, you let Georgia Tech know that you value good teaching.

“Thank a Teacher” is a joint initiative with the Georgia Tech Student Government Association. Our goal is to recognize dedication to teaching and to helping students learn.

How to do it

It's very easy. Fill out your note in the form below. You may choose to remain anonymous or have your name associated with your letter.

What happens

Letters are briefly screened and then printed. The note is then sent through campus mail to your instructor, along with a certificate and a letter explaining that someone — you! — have written a note on their behalf. Every person who receives a note will be invited to participate in Celebrating Teaching Day in March and/or Dean Griffin Day in April.

To hear back from students is more rare than you might think, and the impact that your short note can make is more powerful than you may imagine. Please join the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and the Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors in honoring our teachers.


Fill out the Thank a Teacher Form.