Ignacio Taboada

College of Sciences

Dr. Ignacio Taboada, is a Professor in the school of Physics and former Hesburgh Award Teaching Fellow. Dr. Taboada teaches a wide variety of courses in Physics, from first-year to PhD level, because he is known and valued for his passion for teaching and learning in his school.  One aspect of teaching he is most passionate about is creating supportive learning environments for students in his courses. He says, 


Since my experience as a Hesburgh Fellow, almost all of my courses are a blend of lecture and active in-class activities. I believe supportive learning environments. This includes freedom for students to offer, in class, any solution to a problem even if this answer is incorrect. Only via direct participation and through making mistakes, learning is achieved. I look forward to learning from my colleagues and CTL faculty about how to best build these environments, especially online now. 

Headshot of Ignacio Taboada

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