Students Encouraged to 'Thank A Teacher'

Thanksgiving may be over, but a time to give thanks is just beginning for Tech students.

For those who’ve had a great experience with a professor this semester, there’s an easy way to say “thanks” even without verbalizing it.

The Student Government Association and the Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning give students a way to show gratitude to their professors with Thank a Teacher. Through an online form, students can submit notes to professors throughout the year for actions big or small for which they’re thankful.

“Hearing back from students is more rare than you may think, and the impact that your short note can make is more powerful than you can imagine,” said Ahsan Khan, SGA’s vice president of campus affairs.

These notes are shared with professors in April, when they will also be honored at Dean Griffin Day. This annual event commemorates the legacy of Georgia Tech’s first dean of students, George Griffin, who worked to improve the student experience at Tech.

Notes are collected throughout the year, making the end of the fall semester an ideal time to submit kind words online about professors who you won’t see as much of in the spring. Students can also submit notes for staff, and may even remain anonymous in their submissions, if they choose.

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